Scrunchy the Bulldog

Scrunchy the bulldog did not have no eyes(Well, really, he had them, but he thought it wiseTo keep both eyes hidden when he went outsideThe better to deal with those troublesome flies) Scrunchy the bulldog did not have no feet(Well, really, he had them, but he was discreteHe’d heard dogs without feet were cuter, you …

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Reindeer Bath

I had an old reindeer that needed a showerBut he didn’t quite agreeWhen I tried to bathe him he’d grumble and glowerAnd shake suds all over me “Alright, then!” I cried out, too tuckered to quibble“You win, I’ll let you go free.”And that scruffy reindeer, just smiled and nibbledOn grass, giggling with glee

Escape from Fiador

“Please be our princess!”             Torqual knelt before Miri with a glittering silver tiara, surrounded by fantastical woodland creatures who watched her expectantly.             “I…” Miri bit her lip.             “Yes?” Torqual’s sapphire eyes pierced hers.             “I…can’t.”             A sigh echoed around Miri as the elf lowered the crown. “Not ready yet?”             Miri …

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Dragon Eyes

“Promise you won’t tell?” “Tell what?” “Tell…you know…” “Oh, that you have a dragon hiding in your closet? Who would I tell that to?” “Quit fooling, Joash. You know who—the nuns.” “Ah. The nuns, you say. You mean the nuns who are running this outfit? The nuns who would probably skin you alive if they …

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A Thanksgiving Lesson

“Girls,” Dad announced at the dinner table Monday night, “your mom and I have been talking, and we think it is time for the two of you to experience more of the world.” Seven-year-old Allison exchanged a worried glance with her eight-year-old sister, Beatrice. Dad was always talking about “experiencing more of the world.” Last …

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Simple Gifts

Anya Moskovitz was feeling disillusioned.             She’d worked in a tiny cubicle all day, skipped her lunch, and listened to everyone yell at her. This sucks! Anya thought.  People are so nasty these days. They get mad and don’t care who they hurt. I hate society.             Anya was a banker, and today had not …

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My Favorite Pillow

Amy is my pillow and her pillowcase is red. At night-time when I go to sleep, she sleeps under my head. But when I wake I see that she’s no longer in the bed I look for her and find her lying on the ground instead.

Come Play

Mama, come play! (or “let’s play!”) I cannot today I have too much laundry I must put away Daddy, come play! I cannot today I must go to work for we have bills to pay Sister, come play! I cannot today I’ve got too much homework, Tomorrow, okay? Brother, come play! I cannot today I’m …

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Secret Sauce

There were two birthday presents left on the kitchen table. They were both rectangular and wrapped in the same glittery black paper. Beside me, Theodore grabbed the larger one and examined the card. “Yes! This one’s mine!” my twin crowed, struggling to undo the silver ribbon. I sighed. Black wrapping paper usually indicates a magical …

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