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Writing tips

5 Ways to Come Up With Ideas When You Have Nothing to Write About

How to Write Irresistible Headlines That Entice, Intrigue, and Insist on Being Read

For Serious Writers Only: Why Most People Won’t Succeed at Writing

The #1 Essential Skill EVERY Writer Needs to Learn

Life lessons

17 Books That Can Radically Improve Your Life: An Index-Library

There are Only Two Types of Success…And One of Them Can Kill You

How the Real Spiderman Saved 75+ Lives During World War II

22 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts to Clarify Your Worldview, Increase Your Motivation, and Discovery Your Unique Purpose

How to Crush Regret and Recreate Yourself At Any Age

Mental health

The Single Most Powerful and Effective Way to Change…Someone Else

How to Kill Yourself Without Committing Suicide

How to be a Life-Saving Friend to Someone Struggling With a Mental Illness


What to do When You Don’t Get Your Miracle

Jesus Was Not Niceā€”And You Shouldn’t Be Either

6 Real-Life “Prodigal” Stories to Encourage You and Strengthen Your Faith

6 Brilliant Books to Help You Better Understand and Explain Your Faith in God

For fun

If You Need a Smile, Read This: The Owl Pellet Inquiry

How to Promote Learning and Prevent Dying in Chemistry Class

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